EGPWS Standard on S-76s, S-92s

 - April 3, 2007, 8:32 AM

Sikorsky plans to make Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) standard equipment on all future production S-76s and S-92s. A Sikor-sky and Honeywell team originally developed EGPWS for helicopter applications using the S-76, and after FAA approval in 2001 it was listed as an option for the model.

EGPWS includes built-in terrain and obstacle databases designed to provide situational awareness and help avoid CFIT accidents. Terrain and obstacle information can be displayed on a variety of compatible cockpit displays (EFIS or weather radar) so that a pilot can immediately determine if the surrounding terrain or obstacles pose a threat.

GPS, database and radar-altimeter inputs warn the pilot of impending flight into terrain or obstacles, even when the aircraft is turning or the terrain is irregular. The warning is sensitive to speed, flight-path angle, roll angle and the rate of change in altitude, and the “look-ahead” angle varies with speed and leads the helicopter into turns.