Modular EC 135 Revealed

 - April 3, 2007, 8:31 AM

Eurocopter has developed its own concept of a modular helicopter to meet what it believes are the security requirements of the new generation of EU members. A basic “green” version is equipped with mission packs for one of a wide range of airborne tasks.

Individual mission packs cover 12 possible roles: EMS, SAR, evacuation, ‘quick reaction,’ ferry, passenger transport, light surveillance, surveillance, training, natural disaster, flood and firefighting.

The objective, said Eurocopter, is to introduce helicopter fleets that, in spite of the variety of missions they undertake, are “at least 90 percent” common. The concept also provides “huge commonality” for maintenance and crew training.

Both the Romanian Ministry of Interior and the Czech Police already fly the EC 135. Other European customers include the German border guard (BGS) and emergency rescue service (ADAC), Austrian rescue service (AMTC) and Swedish Police.