Final Report: Netjets Citation Failed to Maintain Airspeed

 - May 1, 2007, 7:21 AM

Cessna Citation 560, Woodruff, Wis., Jan. 5, 2006–The NTSB blamed the
NetJets captain’s “failure to maintain adequate airspeed during the landing which resulted in a stall/mush,” when the Citation’s wing hit the runway on landing at Lakeland Airport/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field, near Minocqua-Woodruff, and the
jet ran into a snow bank. Factors were the gusty conditions, the snow bank in the safety area next to the runway and the runway light that the airplane struck.

The airplane was picking up light rime icing as it descended through 4,500 feet, and the crew used the aircraft de-icing boots three times before they broke out of clouds and flew the approach at 110 knots, nine knots faster than normal Vref. At approximately 55 feet agl, the captain brought the power levers to idle as normal. According to the crew, at approximately 20 to 30 feet, the aircraft felt as if it lost lift and the right wing dropped and hit the runway.

The first officer told the NTSB that the airplane’s airspeed dropped to Vref -4 to -5 knots when it was about 20 feet agl. The wind was 350 degrees at 14 gusting to 21 knots.

The Citation was registered to NetJets Sales of Oklahoma City.