Gulfstream makes wiring manuals user-friendly

 - June 4, 2007, 11:44 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace has developed software enhancement called “Circuit Flash” for electronic manuals that makes it easier for aircraft technicians to interpret detailed wiring diagrams.

Aircraft technicians access electronic wiring-diagram manuals using laptops that typically have 14-inch screens. Tracking long wire paths on a screen of that size can be difficult because the diagram image must be moved around on the screen to track the line that represents the wire path. With Circuit Flash, the wire path, which is depicted in black, is overlaid with red when a technician moves the cursor onto the wire and clicks. As a result, the desired wire path, which appears as a red line, stands out in a field of black lines.

Gulfstream’s Circuit Flash debuted in the first revision of the Gulfstream G150 wiring diagram manual in November. The enhancement was added to the G100 manual in January. The G500/G550 and G350/G450 wiring diagram manuals will include Circuit Flash in their next revisions, which were slated for last month and October 15, respectively. Gulfstream also expects to include Circuit Flash in the G200 wiring diagram manual; however, no issue date has been scheduled.