Quiet, Please. SMAC at Work.

 - June 8, 2007, 7:48 AM

SMAC, a subsidiary of MontBlanc Technologies Groupe in Toulon, France, put its first “Smacsonic” viscoconstrained layered noise reduction material in a Falcon 50 about six years ago as part of a development program. Today, the material is an important ingredient in Dassault’s recently certified Falcon 7X, giving the French manufacturer what it claims is “arguably the quietest cabin in the sky.” The system is also being installed in a Eurocopter AS 322L Super Puma, and SMAC is working with Boeing for a similar package for the new 787 airliner. The “sound barrier” is an ultra-thin ply composed of a 0.5-mm aluminum layer, a 0.2-mm pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a 1-mm center section of vibration (noise)-absorbing viscoelastic material. A thin layer of adhesive protection is peeled off before application of the Smacsonic.