UPS Submits SafeRoute Data to FAA

 - July 3, 2007, 12:04 PM

Shipping giant UPS and partner Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems (ACSS) last month submitted the approval paperwork to the FAA for a suite of ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) avionics intended to streamline busy operations at UPS’s Louisville, Ky. hub. Using a technology called merging and spacing, ACSS’s SafeRoute application suite will allow UPS flight crews to fly continuous descent arrival (CDA) procedures into Louisville and then self separate on final approach for capacity increases and time and fuel savings.

UPS said CDA and merging and spacing will save between 250 and 465 pounds of fuel per flight and reduce noise and NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions because crews will be able to use the FMS and a special cockpit display of traffic to throttle back to idle power and stay there for most of the descent. UPS plans to begin merging and spacing operations later this month and eventually will equip its fleet of Boeing 767s, 757s and 747-400s with the technology.