Enersys/Hawker battery gets OK for Embraer Brasilia

 - July 5, 2007, 6:38 AM

The Hawker 43Ah steel case, sealed lead-acid battery has been STC’d for installation in the Embraer Brasilia. The unit was developed as a replacement for the factory-installed SAFT 4076-9 and 4078-10. It is already in use on the Bandeirante, Twin Otter and Dash 8.

According to the company, the battery offers significant performance enhancements over other sealed lead-acid and nicad batteries. Some of the benefits cited are 99.99 percent pure lead construction for enhanced life and performance; a 30-month full replacement warranty on batteries after installation; and 24-month storage life before installation. The no-maintenance battery is shipped fully charged and, according to the manufacturer, has hot and cold performance that exceeds that of other batteries.