ERAU Providing ‘Aviation English’

 - July 5, 2007, 11:48 AM

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) has teamed with a New Zealand-based company to provide the international aviation community with aviation English training to meet a new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirement that identifies English as the official, recognized language of aviation.

In response to international concern about the role of language as a causal factor in a number of high-profile accidents, ICAO has developed a set of English language proficiency standards and recommended practices for pilots and air traffic controllers operating in an international atmosphere. ICAO’s 189 contracting states are required to ensure compliance for licensing of their pilots and controllers by next March to continue to operate internationally.

The Worldwide Campus of Embry- Riddle and Aviation English Services of New Zealand have developed the new aviation English program, which is an integrated educational approach that combines Web-based self-paced instruction, classroom seminars, learning aids and progress testing. The Web-based modules are integrated closely with classroom-based intensive speaking seminars for efficient and effective language learning. Blended learning is especially appropriate for pilot and controller training because it maximizes the learning that takes place out of the classroom, thereby minimizing the impact of training on personnel schedules.

According to Embry-Riddle, the credibility of Aviation English Services rests on the unparalleled expertise of its team of operational and aviation English specialists. The team includes some of the world’s most experienced experts in the development of aviation English training and testing programs, experts instrumental in the creation of the ICAO language proficiency standards.