More range for Smaller E-jets

 - July 5, 2007, 11:22 AM

Embraer has launched a program to add as much as 300 nm of range to its 70-
and 76-seat E-Jets. Dubbed the E170AR and E175AR, the airplanes will receive the
same structural reinforcements given to the already introduced Advanced Range E190 and E195 jets. The stronger airframe will allow operators to operate at takeoff, landing and zero fuel weights above current maximums, resulting in a payload increase of more than 1,543 pounds, depending on operating conditions and airplane configuration.

Embraer expects authorities to certify the new versions by December next year, when it starts delivering E175ARs to Northwest Airlines subsidiary Compass Airlines. Until then Compass will take 10 LR versions of the E175 and, later, Embraer will retrofit the reinforcements. All 26 airplanes scheduled for delivery after December 2008 will arrive as AR versions.