OP Technologies develops SR22 avionics

 - July 5, 2007, 5:03 AM

Avionics manufacturer OP Technologies is about to enter the market for TSO’d avionics in FAA-certified airplanes. After launching its integrated cockpit avionics suite in the experimental aircraft market, OP Technologies is preparing to receive FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization for its avionics and an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of the new avionics in the Cirrus SR22.

OP Technologies bought a 2003 SR22 in 2005 and applied for an STC for the first certified airplane installation of the new Pegasus Integrated Avionics System last September. The Pegasus system includes 10.4-inch display units, remote-mounted radios and transponder plus WAAS-capable GPS.

As this issue went to press Cirrus Design had not yet announced its choice of avionics vendor for the upcoming Cirrus single-engine jet, but the company has long offered a combination of Avidyne and Garmin avionics in its piston singles. The OP Technologies retrofit will be the first fully integrated avionics suite available for Cirrus piston singles, although at this point only as an aftermarket modification. Aviation Technology Group is the first manufacturer to select an OP Technologies avionics system for a planned certified airplane, ATG’s sporty Javelin twin-engine jet.

OP Technologies would not provide any more details about the Pegasus IAS suite except to say that more information will be forthcoming once the system is certified. Cirrus has provided no information about whether it is interested in the OP Technologies avionics, although the company  does have a model number reserved for a possible new airplane, the SR24. “At this point the SR24 is a future, undefined next aircraft that could be the same airframe with a different engine or a new, larger airframe,” a Cirrus spokeswoman told AIN.