TFE731 fault-code reporting service available

 - July 5, 2007, 6:33 AM

Jet-Care and Honeywell have launched a fault-code reporting service for TFE731 DEEC engine operators. The new service is being offered in addition to Jet-Care’s existing engine performance trend monitoring program.

“It was apparent from a recent survey that operators were interested in Jet-Care providing a service that read the entire DEEC download–takeoff data, cruise data and fault codes–and we are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in identifying all the fault codes that are registered by the DEEC within each download,” said Jet-Care CEO David Glass.

The service provides for an e-mailed report from Jet-Care for each individual download sent in. The report details all the fault codes as they are extracted from the DEEC. A phone call from a Jet-Care program manager will advise operators of any critically important faults.

As part of Jet-Care’s quality-control procedures, all DEEC downloads received since DEECs were put into service have been archived and are available to be reviewed by Jet-Care for customers using the fault-code reporting service. One of the advantages is that it will provide a comprehensive fault history for customers’ own records as well as for potential buyers.

The new service requires no additional workload for enrolled DEEC operators as the program uses the DEEC files in the standard format. Jet-Care’s customers can add it to their existing package of services, and it would be “live” from the first download after enrollment.