Unique fuel deal at Carroll County FBO

 - July 5, 2007, 7:18 AM

American Pilot Services, a new second FBO at Carroll County Regional Airport north of Washington, D.C., is offering visiting aircraft operators the opportunity to buy fuel at a discount without having to negotiate a price or work with a contract fuel provider. By signing up with American Pilot’s tiered frequent fuel program, operators earn discounts that grow according to how much cumulative fuel they have bought. The discount increases as operators reach each new tier.

The tiers in the jet-A program, for example, begin at one to 2,499.99 gallons, then from 2,500 to 4,999.99, and so on. In Tier 1, the price is the base rate ($3.059 in mid-June) plus 35 cents per gallon. In Tier 2, the base rate is the same, but each gallon is 30 cents more than the base. Frequent buyers whose cumulative total reaches the Tier 9 level (1 million gallons and above) will pay base plus 7.5 cents a gallon. Total fuel accumulation per customer never resets to zero, and customers can sign up multiple airplanes for one frequent fuel account at American Pilot. The frequent fuel program is also available to avgas buyers, with lower tier levels.

In addition to typical amenities, American Pilot also has hangar space available, something that is difficult to find in the Washington, D.C. area, and the airport is located conveniently outside the Washington ADIZ restricted airspace.