Avionics for Ibis Ae270 clarified

 - July 24, 2007, 9:29 AM

Honeywell’s Apex glass cockpit will be a future optional avionics upgrade for the Ae270 turboprop single, currently under development by Ibis Aerospace of the Czech Republic.

The FlightLogic cockpit from Chelton Flight Systems will be the standard avionics, as announced originally by the company. There was confusion over who would supply the standard avionics when Honeywell issued a press release at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva in May, saying Apex would be the standard cockpit in the airplane. It turned out that the Honeywell release was in error, according to spokespeople for Honeywell and Ibis.

In any case, the Ae270’s optional Honeywell cockpit will include three 10.4-inch displays, mode-S transponder, EICAS, weather radar and dual-channel ADAHRS. Apex options will include TAS (traffic advisory system), ACSS TCAS, EGPWS, radio altimeter, mode-S diversity transponder, DME, ADF and Honeywell’s FIS (flight information service).