Preliminary Report: Service letter issued for ERJ 135 gear

 - July 25, 2007, 5:29 AM

Embraer ERJ 135, Boston, June 20, 2007 – Despite a gear-down-and-locked indication with three green lights, the crew of the American Eagle ERJ 135 noticed, just before touchdown at Logan International Airport, a “landing gear lever disagree” message on a flight computer console. The airplane contacted the runway, damaging the flaps. Then the crew made a go-around and extended the gear by following the emergency abnormal landing-gear procedure. They flew by the control tower twice for a visual inspection to ensure the gear was down. The flaps would not extend because of the damage from the first attempt, but the landing was successful. Embraer issued a field service letter reminding pilots to follow the checklist in the case of a landing-gear-disagree message.