New parts, components and services division at Duncan

 - July 26, 2007, 7:00 AM

“Our customers expect an instant response to their problem,” said Chris Gress, manager for parts, components and services. “Our new parts, components and services [PCS program] can meet their needs anywhere, anytime. Its new structure can help troubleshoot problems through tech reps, send loaners, exchanges or components from inventory, contact satellite locations, use rapid-response teams for immediate deployment, or search the planet for the best solution for the customer’s needs.”

PCS has streamlined the operation of Duncan Aviation’s former parts support services and component services areas to provide customer-friendly, comprehensive solutions to aircraft operators with specific needs.

According to Gress, PCS consists of two cross-trained teams who are able to use all of the company’s resources to meet a wider variety of aviation needs.

Under the new system, a call to (877) PCS-QUIK or (800) LOANERS puts callers in contact with a multitude of services, eliminating the need for them to make multiple calls to individual departments. PCS is available 24/7.