Citation Runs Long, Crashes into House

 - July 31, 2007, 5:49 AM

A preliminary NTSB report on last month’s fatal Citation crash at Conway Municipal Airport in Conway, Ark., said a witness reported seeing the aircraft land long and then the pilot “added power at the last second, lifted the nosewheel off the ground and struck the [jet-blast deflector]” situated at the end of the runway. Commercial pilot Ira Hugh Rains and Janet Brady, a resident of a house across the street, were killed after the Citation 500 went through the jet blast deflector, crossed a culvert and crashed into Brady’s house. Brady’s husband, who was nearby, and a passenger in the airplane survived. Conway mayor Tab Townsell said pilots must land long on the runway because of the 1,643-foot displaced threshold, “to avoid clipping structures on the ground.” According to the NTSB, however, the displaced threshold is valid only at night, and the crash occurred during the day.