Geneva AirPark gets go-ahead

 - August 1, 2007, 9:59 AM

Geneva AirPark, a private hangar/ office development at Switzerland’s Geneva International Airport, received official building approval, according to developer Charles Aufranc, and construction will begin following ground preparation later this year. The new facility should open in the fourth quarter of next year, Aufranc said.

Located next to Jet Aviation’s maintenance facility and the airport’s FBO terminal, Geneva AirPark is large enough to fit two Boeing 747s or eight 737s or Airbus ACJs. Hangar space is already sold out, according to Aufranc, but there is plenty of office space left. Operators based at Geneva AirPark will be able to perform their own line maintenance or have third-party maintainers work on their airplanes. Space is available for overnight transient visitors, and overnight fees will include towing, cabin cleaning, lav and potable water service and minor servicing such as topping off oil and inflating tires.