Inmarsat To Impose SwiftBroadband Use Caps

 - August 1, 2007, 6:59 AM

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the congestion delays that have plagued users of its Swift64 aero satcom data network, Inmarsat plans to limit use of its forthcoming SwiftBroadband service by business jet passengers. Users will be allowed access to just two channels of SwiftBroadband at a time, the company said, providing passengers with maximum download connection speeds of 864 kilobits per second.

Many operators have been bonding multiple channels of the slower Swift64 service, a practice that has caused traffic congestion at peak times in high-use areas, most notably along the U.S. eastern seaboard. Inmarsat said the decision to limit SwiftBroadband use, made almost a year ago when it first noted Swift64 slowdowns, will “ensure a smooth service launch.” SwiftBroadband beta testing was expected to conclude this month.