Delaware Center Expands To Meet Falcon Demand

 - August 27, 2007, 10:25 AM

Dassault Falcon announced last month a multi-year expansion at its Wilmington, Del. facilities that will include use of an existing 22,000-sq-ft hangar for interior completion work. The announcement is particularly timely as this year Dassault expects to deliver 80 business jets; it expects that number to increase to more than 100 next year. Unlike the main completion center in Little Rock, Ark., the Delaware interior shop will focus solely on Falcon 2000 cabin completion work. The first airplane has already been delivered to fractional operator NetJets, and a second Falcon 2000 is in the shop. “We plan to finish two aircraft this year and 12 a year starting in 2008, which is peak capacity,” said a Dassault spokesman. Interior components such as cabinetry and upholstered seats will be built at Little Rock and trucked to Wilmington for installation, along with vendor items from outside suppliers. The plan for Wilmington also calls for the hiring of more than 100 additional employees dedicated to interior installation.