Judge Rules Blue Grass Immune

 - August 29, 2007, 4:48 AM

A Fayette County (Kentucky) Circuit Court judge ruled last month that Comair may not sue Lexington Blue Grass Airport for the crash of a Bombardier CRJ200 that killed 49 people on August 27 last year. Judge James Ishmael ruled that, as part of the county government, the airport enjoys sovereign immunity and therefore doesn’t carry legal responsibility in the case. Comair argued that “deficient” markings and signs contributed to the pilots’ mistaken attempt to take off from the wrong runway and that the airport operates independent of the county. At the behest of the FAA, the airport last month added new markings to better identify the taxi route to Runway 4-22, the one meant for commercial traffic. Comair has since named Blue Grass Airport as a defendant in a federal lawsuit.