AvAero Gets STC for 737 Fuel-savings Mod

 - October 3, 2007, 8:00 AM

AvAero, a maker of Learjet hush kits, has received an STC for a fuel-saving aerodynamic modification of the Boeing 737-200/300. The company claims the mod will decrease the twinjet’s fuel burn by an average of 4 percent, equating to about a 230-pph fuel-burn reduction. By repositioning the trailing-edge flaps, AvAero said it increases aft wing camber, which lets the airfoil generate the same lift at a lower angle of attack. The kit price is $120,000, and installation requires about 200 to 250 man-hours, according to AvAero president Bob Finn. Installations are also available at AvAero facilities in Safety Harbor, Fla.