Operators prepare for Prnav in Europe

 - October 3, 2007, 11:34 AM

Starting in November, countries in Europe will start requiring operators to be approved for Precision Rnav (PRnav) if they intend to use their Rnav equipment in terminal areas that have Rnav procedures.

While no Europe-wide mandate for the carriage of PRnav is foreseen, “some nations may require PRnav certification for IFR operations in notified terminal airspace to improve airspace use, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact,” according to Eurocontrol.

Additionally, non-approved operators may be subject to increased delays and airport-capacity limitations. Said Eurocontrol: “To what extent accommodating a mix of Rnav- and non-Rnav-approved aircraft results in operational disadvantages to non-Rnav-approved aircraft depends on the local circumstances in the terminal area concerned.”

Eurocontrol said it expects that all countries within the European Civil Aviation Conference will have PRnav procedures in designated terminal areas by next April at the latest.

Aircraft and operator PRnav approval by individual countries will be based on the requirements detailed in JAA TGL-10. To download the TGL-10 document and review other aspects of the PRnav program in Europe, go to www.ecacnav.com/p-rnav.
Contact your avionics manufacturer to determine the extent and cost of upgrades, and when they will be available.