Arinc and Aeromech Team on RVSM Equipment Upgrades

 - October 4, 2007, 5:06 AM

Arinc and Aeromech have announced plans to offer RVSM upgrade packages to owners and operators of Cessna Citations, Beechjets and Hawkers. The packages will be available beginning this month for the Cessna Citation 650, Beechjet 400/Mitsubishi 300 and Hawker 700, according to the companies.

The upgrades will include group certification for the airplanes, avionics STCs, required hardware and installation. Instrumentation from suppliers Innovative Solutions & Support, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Thommen Aircraft Instruments is part of the packages. Arinc can perform the needed airframe modifications at its Colorado Springs, Colo. service center. Arinc and Aeromech said they will also offer the packages as RVSM installation kits, complete with STCs, to qualified avionics shops. Pricing was described as “competitive” with other available RVSM upgrades.