Cycle Time Reduced for Falcon 7X Interiors

 - October 4, 2007, 7:19 AM

Dassault’s new Falcon 7X will be the largest business jet produced by the French company, but interior completion cycle time at the manufacturer’s Little Rock, Ark. facility is expected to be as little as three months. It is part of a program initiated about 18 months ago that has already reduced the average interior completion time for all Falcons to four months. The goal, according to a spokesman, is three months, “from the moment the wheels touch the ground in Little Rock to the day the aircraft is delivered to the customer,” thanks to a fully integrated digital design platform and additional refinements that allow interior completion work to begin during aircraft production. At a recent press briefing at Dassault Aviation’s headquarters in St.
Cloud, France, 7X deputy program director Vincent Oldrati said the company is also aiming at reducing cabin speech interference noise levels to 52 decibels (SIL), about four decibels (SIL) less than in the Falcon 900EX cabin. A package of foam and dampening materials in furniture, behind the interior shell and under the floor is aimed at reducing noise produced by airflow over the fuselage and by the air-conditioning system. He also noted that independent completion centers planning to do Falcon 7X interiors will be required to follow Dassault’s digital production process. The digital design platform ensures high accuracy in the fabrication of parts, eliminating the need for additional engineering and a dramatic reduction in the number of jigs required for assembly. The 7X order book now covers approximately 40 aircraft, and the first flight is scheduled for spring next year