EVS Certified in GIVs with Honeywell SPZ 8000 Avionics

 - October 4, 2007, 5:09 AM

Responding to customer requests, Gulfstream is now offering the Kollsman infrared enhanced-vision system (EVS) to owners and operators of GIVs outfitted with Honeywell SPZ 8000 avionics. An amendment to an earlier STC clears the way for all GIVs and GIV-SPs (about 500 in total) to be fitted with the $500,000 EVS sensor system.

EVS incorporates a specially designed forward-looking infrared camera that projects an image on the pilot’s HUD. Since the FAA first certified EVS in September 2001 in the Gulfstream V, systems have been installed in about 80 Gulfstreams. According to Gulfstream, EVS is standard equipment in the G450 and G550 and is available for retrofit in the GIV/IV-SP, G300, G400, G500 and GV.

The FAA recently made a change to Part 91 that allows pilots to use “enhanced flight visibility systems” to determine flight visibility during instrument approaches down to 100 feet above the elevation of the runway touchdown zone.