Raisebeck looking for first Lear 35ZR buyers

 - October 4, 2007, 6:01 AM

No customers have yet signed for Raisbeck Engineering’s Learjet 35ZR, a Learjet 35/36 performance-enhancement modification announced at last year’s NBAA Convention. Company CEO Jim Raisbeck said his team has completed all phases of the ZR program except for fabricating production tooling and conducting final flight testing required to obtain an STC.

These phases are at a standstill until the company receives “conditional” orders for 20 conversions. “The next logical step,” said Raisbeck, “is to determine overall marketability and customer desire” for the package. The first 20 conversions are being sold at $200,000 apiece, “turnkey to the operator, including installation and paint.” After that, the kit will be priced at $260,000 without installation or paint–estimated to add between $15,000 and $25,000 to the overall cost.

Key elements of the ZR kit include double-delta 45-degree-swept inboard leading edges, outboard trailing-edge horizontal winglets (Raisbeck calls them Batwings) and recontoured trailing-edge flaps. Performance gains are said to be better airport and climb performance, higher initial cruise altitude, higher cruise speeds and more range.

Commenting on the schedule of the program, a Raisbeck official told AIN, “We hoped the program would have progressed further than it has at this time.”