In The Works: Explorer 500T/750T

 - October 4, 2007, 11:58 AM

Don Joseph, president of Explorer Aircraft in Jasper, Texas, said he is “more optimistic than ever” about the company’s fundraising efforts. “We’re in due diligence with one group and in conversations with two others,” he told AIN. The company has been in a fundraising mode for at least three years during which development of the PT6-powered Explorer has been on hold. The single proof-of-concept aircraft is under roof at the company’s “certification facility” in Jasper.

Joseph confirmed the company dropped its plans to certify the Explorer 500R, an Orenda V8 piston version of the aircraft, after Orenda Recip discontinued the program. “We plan to concentrate on certifying the 500T first and then the 750T, and then discuss future models down the road,” he said.