Germany Takes on Danish Rescues

 - October 8, 2007, 6:37 AM

German air rescue operator DRF (Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht) is to fly cross-border aeromedical missions into Denmark. Later this year, a DRF BK117 will be stationed in the north German village of Niebüll (in the province of Schleswig- Holstein), some 15 miles from the border and close enough to reach emergencies 25 miles into southern Denmark. With such cross-border cooperation, the Danish authorities expect to significantly improve the provision of emergency medical care to the population in the south and west of their country.

DRF centers in Rendsburg and Niebüll will be provided with a BK 117, full medical equipment and a staff of pilots, trauma doctors and paramedics. They will fly both emergency missions and inter-hospital transfers.

Such cross-border cooperation is a feature of modern life in northern Europe in particular–medical personnel and police officers regularly pass into other countries if required to by their work. Denmark is interested in establishing its own helicopter service, and AIN understands it will be evaluating this German service as a preliminary step.