Gulfstream Adds Optional Copilot’s EVS to GV

 - October 8, 2007, 10:11 AM

The addition of a signal splitter to the forward-looking infrared camera system in the nose of the Gulfstream V now allows operators to add a small video display in the cockpit showing the same enhanced vision system (EVS) image the pilot sees through the HUD. Intended for use by the copilot as an aid to situational awareness, the optional equipment includes a 5.6-inch Rosen LCD and is priced at $24,000. Gulfstream plans to bring this capability to the GIV-SP by the end of the year, and will offer it as a no-cost addition to G500s and G550s with Honeywell PlaneView avionics, where the EVS image will be portrayed on the cockpit MFD. In the future Gulfstream might offer the optional head-down EVS display in other models as well, according to a spokesman.