How Secure Is Your Flight Department As a Whole?

 - October 8, 2007, 9:31 AM

Facility Access
• Is the hangar/FBO property fenced off from the street and from adjoining unsecured property?
• How do you control access through any gate or entrance door? If magnetic cards, how are they issued, and how are they recalled from ex-employees? If gate phone, how do you identify caller (“UPS/FedEx/mailman” shouldn’t cut it), and is there a camera at the gate? If it’s a keypad, change the numbers frequently. Are visitors escorted to their destination?
• Inside the facility, do guests wear visitor badges? Do employees challenge unidentified visitors with an assertive but unoffensive “Hi, may I help you?”
• If there is a security system installed in the building, where and to whom does it signal an alarm? Are there security guards in the building? When and how are they trained?

Passenger Identification and Security
• How are passengers identified? Personal familiarity with the crew? Or ID matched against passenger manifest?
• If last-minute additions to the passenger manifest are permitted, under what circumstances and approved by whom?
• Is passenger luggage searched and verified by the individual? To what degree?
Are carry-on bags inspected? What is the company/flight department policy on carriage of weapons aboard the aircraft, and what controls are in place?

Company Cargo
• If company cargo such as parts or new equipment is routinely carried, what controls are in place?

Passengers’ Personal Cars
Are they permitted in the hangar and on the ramp? If so, what controls are in place?

Flight Crew
• Do they wear ID badges?
• If you hire contract pilots, how are they identified and screened? Discourage use of a contract pilot as PIC.

• If your aircraft has a security system installed, how is it activated and disabled?
• If the company logo or U.S. flag is on the exterior of the aircraft, remove them.
You’re stuck with N numbers unless you register in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands or fly some other flag of convenience.
• Do you use security tape or take other measures on overnight stops?
• Are the overwing emergency exits secured? They can be used for access unless secured from inside.

International Travel

• Local and political review before departure?
• Secure and reliable passenger and crew transportation at destination? Don’t be too trusting.
• Secure, well known caterer?
• Specific RON procedures for aircraft? Supervise fueling.

Security/anti-terrorism Audits
• External.
• Internal. Coordinate with company security department.

Fuel Farm
• Area secured? Tank access locked? Properly lighted?

Source: Global Aerospace/AAU