MX Software eases working with regs

 - October 8, 2007, 7:52 AM

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) has launched its newest software platform–Navigator V. The new program improves a maintenance organization’s ability to cut the cost and time associated with accessing and compiling regulatory data. It streamlines user interface and simplifies work flow when accessing a complete and current collection of regulatory documents.

“Aviation maintenance organizations are quickly realizing that traditional systems simply are not enough to satisfy the growing need for productivity solutions on the maintenance floor,” said Caroline Daniels, CEO of Aircraft Technical Publishers. “Navigator V is built on the Microsoft. Net platform and is well positioned to meet the information-technology demands of maintenance organizations, as well as the convergence of technical publications, maintenance tracking and training-related services.”

According to Daniels, Navigator V was designed for easy operation by all levels of software user and doesn’t require complex installation or significant hardware investment. “ATP Navigator V has a user interface designed to enable easy access and compilation of regulatory information,” she said. “Its simplified interface allows document types, query choices and search results to be arranged on one screen.”

The software customizes “what’s new” reports, accesses a library of blank electronic forms–including those locally developed–and allows any type of document or Web site hyperlink from within the program. It has a range of tools to track and manage a maintenance organization’s regulatory information, including instant record updates, Airworthiness Directive replication and hiding of non-applicable Ads, and filters that can be run on any compliance record field and further refined by combining filters from more than one field. Data can be exported to PDF, RTF, TXT, CSV, Word and Excel formats.