Repaired Learjet 45s Return to the Air

 - October 8, 2007, 5:43 AM

Bombardier said its Learjet 45 replacement horizontal stabilizer actuator received FAA approval on September 10 and shipments started immediately at a rate of 16 per day. The company projected that parts for all 235 Learjet 45s worldwide will have been shipped by September 25. On August 14 an AD grounded the fleet of U.S.-registered Learjet 45s after the FAA decided it wasn’t satisfied that the current part, itself a recently mandated replacement component, was completely safe. The latest replacement part will have an initial life limitation of 300 hours, but “endurance and fatigue testing is ongoing and we fully expect that the life limit will increase well ahead of the flight hours [operators will] accumulate,” according to Bombardier.