Second operator sued over VNY noise ban

 - October 8, 2007, 5:30 AM

XtraJet, a Santa Monica, Calif.,-based charter firm, has become the second operator to be sued by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners for allegedly committing repeated violations of the noise restrictions at Van Nuys Airport. Earlier, the board filed a similar suit against Pacific Jet (AIN, August, page 79). The actions come as part of the city’s crackdown of the so-called Stage 2 nonaddition rule, under which Stage 2 jets had to meet certain residency requirements to be grandfathered from the ban. Further, transient Stage 2 aircraft are limited to using the airport a maximum of 30 calendar days per year. “We have been operating within the guidelines of the regulation,” XtraJet president Mark Bethea told AIN. “We purchased landing rights from grandfathered airplanes and assigned them to our [Stage 2] aircraft, which is perfectly legal.”