TDG Aero intros fault-interuption device

 - October 8, 2007, 7:55 AM

TDG Aerospace has introduced the Universal Fault Interrupter (UFI 3000), designed to prevent ignition sources resulting from arcing events in aircraft electrical systems.
According to the company, the UFI 3000 is different from previous fault-detection devices because it incorporates three current sensors–one for each phase. “The UFI 3000 rapidly detects ground faults, shorts within pump motors and other critical areas of the aircraft,” noted company CEO Jerry Bench. “It is the only product of its kind to detect and prevent line-to-line, line-to-ground and arc faults simultaneously.”

Bench said the UFI 3000’s reaction speed enables it to respond, in most cases, before an ignition source is even generated. “In doing so, it alleviates the danger of fire and other potentially aircraft-threatening events associated with electrical faults. This is an enhanced alternative to current arc-fault circuit-breaker technology.”