Embraer Evaluates Spirent Handheld PC Aboard ERJ-145

 - October 9, 2007, 6:18 AM

The AvVantage electronic flight bag (EFB) from Spirent Systems recently completed a series of flight evaluations by Embraer in an ERJ-145 regional jet. Flown from São José dos Campos Airport in Brazil, the compact handheld computer was used to view approach charts, operations manuals, MEL, flight plans and notams. Embraer pilot Heliano Cabral said the Spirent EFB performed “exceptionally well” during the flights. “Our pilots were pleased with the unit’s ease of operation and readability during actual flight conditions. The resolution is good, switching from chart to chart is simple and the scrolling of charts by touchscreen is very handy,” he said. Five pilots flew six evaluation flights over the course of six days. On two occasions, said Cabral, just before starting the approach the crew was instructed to change runways. With two touches on the AvVantage screen, he said, the new approach plate was available for viewing. The AvVantage line of EFBs, said Spirent, is available with 8.4-in. and 10.4-in. liquid crystal displays and includes an internal hard drive capable of storing several binders worth of Jeppesen approach charts.