Touching Bases: Vehicle/pedestrian devations at Jeffco

 - October 9, 2007, 4:42 AM

At Jefferson County Airport, Colo., a new rule in effect this month prohibits operating aircraft in the movement area “unless the aircraft operator is a current certified pilot with the intent to fly, or has successfully received a Jeffco Airport-issued movement area badge.” Also, the movement area access badge is now required for anyone to access the maintenance run-up areas on the Alpha taxiway. The badges are available following completion of a movement-area training class provided by the airport operations department. Prompting the ruling, Jeffco Airport has had three reported incidents so far this year in which either an aircraft or surface vehicle got too close to a pedestrian to be safe. According to the airport, two of the so-called “vehicle pedestrian deviations” were caused by aircraft mechanics taxiing aircraft in the movement area and not following instructions given by the control tower.