Longest cabin on the ramp

 - October 11, 2007, 9:21 AM

The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 on the EBACE static ramp was the newest addition to the charter fleet of Vienna, Austria-based Jetalliance. Although currently registered in Mauritius, it will shortly be put on the Austrian civil register. Always an executive airplane and never an airliner, the twinjet can accommodate up to 40 passengers in its 101-foot-long cabin. Under-floor auxiliary fuel tanks extend the airplane’s full-fuel range to 3,940 nm; with a full passenger load, the range drops to 3,777 nm. A cabin this size offers plenty of room for 40 passengers (plus the crew of two pilots, one flight engineer and two to four cabin attendants), and this one is divided into (beginning at the front) a forward “living room” that comfortably seats 20 people; a bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower; a “first class” cabin with eight berthable seats; and a 16-seat “coach class” cabin in the rear. The MD-83 joined the Jetalliance fleet on May 1 and is being offered for charter at about $10,000 an hour.