Ex-FAA Airports Boss Now Senior Counsel

 - October 12, 2007, 11:55 AM

Louise Maillett, who was instrumental in developing the slot lottery at New York
La Guardia Airport that helped minimize system delays during the notorious summer of 2000, has been appointed senior counsel to FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. In this position, she will provide advice and assistance to senior agency officials on policy and other emerging issues affecting transportation and programs.

Since August 2000, Maillett has served as the FAA’s acting assistant administrator for the office of policy, planning and international aviation. Her responsibilities included developing national and international aviation system policies, goals and priorities. She represented the U.S. on several International Civil Aviation Organization issues, and helped formulate the phaseout of Stage 2 aircraft within the U.S.

Early this year Blakey restructured Maillett’s former position, creating a new office of international aviation and an office of policy, planning and environment. Those posts have been filled by Douglas Lavin and Sharon Pinkerton, respectively.

Maillett started her career at the FAA as a member of the international affairs and legal policy staff for the office of the chief counsel and was director and deputy director of the office of environment and energy. She also served as the FAA’s acting associate administrator for the office of airports.

Before joining the FAA, Maillett was an attorney for the Peace Corps and also served briefly as a foreign-service officer with the State Department. She received her bachelor’s degree from Assumption College in Worcester, Mass., and her law degree from the University of Maine.