Gulfstream Considering Enhanced Vision for the G200

 - October 12, 2007, 6:31 AM

Following the introduction of the Kollsman enhanced vision system (EVS) into its entire family of large-cabin business jets, Gulfstream reports it has started exploring the feasibility of bringing the technology down to the super-midsize G200 (formerly the Galaxy). Strong demand for EVS in the larger airplanes indicates that such a system would be welcome by G200 customers and operators as well, said Gulfstream president Bryan Moss. “In adapting the EVS to the G200, we are exploring a smaller camera that will preserve the jet’s aerodynamic properties and innovative ways of installing the head-up display and other EVS equipment in the smaller G200 cockpit,” said Moss. Gulfstream has fitted EVS in 34 GVs since the system gained certification in October 2001. EVS was first installed on a GIV-SP last August following its integration with the airplane’s Honeywell SPZ-8400 cockpit. The FAA certified the GIV-compatible EVS in December, and in March Gulfstream delivered the first GIV-SP outfitted with EVS. Of the current 40-system backlog, half of the systems have been ordered for G500/550s and half for G300/G400s. EVS uses a forward-looking infrared camera that projects a real-world image on the HUD. The system enables the flight crew to see runway markings, taxiways, adjacent roads and surrounding conditions in fog and haze and at night.