Honeywell and Thales Unveil 128-kbps Datalink Hardware

 - October 12, 2007, 6:39 AM

Honeywell and Thales Avionics have taken the wraps off a new high-speed-data hardware package that enables the companies’ satcom systems to handle data at rates as high as 128 kbps. First installations of the HS-700/702 will enter service this summer, according to Ken Snodgrass, director of radio frequency communications systems for Honeywell’s business, regional and general aviation avionics division. The system works by bonding two 64-kbps channels through the Inmarsat Swift64 data service. Adding the new HS-700/702 to a Honeywell/ Thales MCS-4000 or MCS-7000 satcom system allows users to operate the two independent data channels at 64 kbps or link both channels for a data rate of up to 128 kpbs. When used in conjunction with the seven-channel MCS-7000, the HS-700/702 will provide access to nine channels to support communications, including telephone, fax, Web browsing, e-mail and video conferencing.