Pentar Touts Capabilities of Its Latest Cabin File Server

 - October 12, 2007, 6:44 AM

Pentar’s newest airborne file server, the JetLAN AS200, combines PC hardware with avionics interface technology that provides what its developer calls as good a combination of performance, small size and low price as is available on the market. The $30,000 AS200 houses a pair of 50-gigabyte removable hard drives that are shock-mounted for use in turbulence. The unit’s target is the emerging demand for high-performance network file servers, which must carry telecommunications input/output options enabling such devices to interface with most aircraft communications systems, including broadband connections such as Inmarsat’s Swift64 service. The server can also function as the platform for multimedia applications such as in-flight entertainment, said the company. The unit is capable of supporting video and audio on demand and can be used as a communication platform for the crew, the central component in a paperless cockpit, or as a main-tenance logging and recording device.