Ad addresses Citation pitch-trim failure

 - November 2, 2007, 7:11 AM

Operators of U.S.-registered CitationJets must disengage the pitch-trim/ autopilot circuit breakers to prevent runaway pitch trim, a condition that has led to at least one accident, according to an October 21 AD (2203-21-17). A CitationJet was ditched on July 22 in Penn Cove in Coupeville, Wash., following a loss of elevator trim control, resulting in an uncommanded nose-down pitch attitude. The pilot and passenger were uninjured in the ditching. Analysis revealed the potential for shorting and failure of a relay in the electric pitch-trim system. Cessna anticipates that it will complete the manufacturing of a new pitch-trim circuit board “no later than mid-November,” and installations will be available under warranty.