Arinc Expanding SkyLink’s Reach

 - November 5, 2007, 7:41 AM

Arinc and partner SES Americom have announced plans to expand the
Ku-band data coverage of Arinc’s SkyLink broadband service to the entire Caribbean flight region and substantial portions of Central and South America by the end of the year. Arinc’s SkyLink service has been in operation over North America since 2005 and over Europe since September 2006, flying mostly aboard large-cabin Gulfstreams. Arinc also said it is conducting beta testing of the SkyLink broadband data service over the North Atlantic tracks and will start offering that service by the end of this year as well.
“These coverage enhancements will make it possible for SkyLink customers to fly from central Europe to North America, and from North America to Central and South America, without ever losing access to e-mail and Internet applications,” said Bob Hanley, Arinc vice president for business aviation services.