Touching bases: PASSUR Offers fuel uplift info

 - November 5, 2007, 10:10 AM

Megadata added to its Passur FBO aircraft-tracking system a new feature that informs FBOs of fuel uplift requirements for incoming aircraft. Passur tracks aircraft using a combination of FAA radar data and its own network of “passive radar” sensors that detect transponder returns. FBOs that subscribe to Passur
can use the new Passur Fuel Portal to view incoming aircraft on the system’s flight-tracking display and to help market fuel to existing customers and operators that use other FBOs. The Fuel Portal automatically calculates the likely amount
of uplift fuel needed based on the flight planned destination and fleet activity history.
An FBO could use Passur Fuel Portal to determine which of the aircraft visiting the airport should be targeted for a marketing program or even a fuel discount.

Pilots might be surprised when FBO service personnel using Fuel Portal already know the right amount of fuel needed or offer a better discount for a certain amount of fuel. Fuel Portal retains historical data about fuel purchases made at the FBO.
The Passur system also pulls up information about the owner and operator of the aircraft being tracked, thanks to a data-sharing arrangement with Amstat. While Passur has been using Amstat’s data for a while, in September the two companies announced an exclusive agreement for inclusion of Amstat owner/operator data in Passur’s FBO software suite.