DVD looks more closely at Van Nuys

 - November 27, 2007, 6:47 AM

If you liked One Six Right, the documentary about Van Nuys Airport with awesome flying sequences set to inspiring music, you’ll enjoy the new companion DVD, One Six Left. A 45-minute compilation of special features, One Six Left includes footage that there wasn’t room for in the original film and plenty of additional material for the aviation geek in all of us.

The best part of One Six Left is producer/director Brian Terwilliger’s 25-minute segment on how he conceived and made the film.

Also included are fascinating details about how visual-effects specialist Alan Chamberlain merged historical photos with modern video footage. In one of these segments, special effects are used to show Clay Lacy closing the door on the first Learjet to arrive at Van Nuys in 1965, then the jet morphs into the exact same Learjet in a modern paint scheme on the very same spot on the Van Nuys ramp.

Watching this on One Six Right makes the technical feat behind this footage look easy, but as detailed in One Six Left, there was a lot more to the story, including a somewhat recalcitrant Clay Lacy, who had time for only one take.

Chamberlain’s skills are also evident in the sequence that shows Van Nuys transforming from empty fields into the busiest general aviation airport in the world. This sequence is an amazing combination of careful aerial filming and intricate melding of old and recent photographs.

Terwilliger’s One Six Left is available for $12.95 at www.onesixright.com.