A King Air cabin with a Brazilian touch

 - November 27, 2007, 9:11 AM

Opened for business a little less than two years ago, interior refurbishment specialist Interiors by Brazil has introduced a King Air 90 cabin that has close ties to a land better known for the samba and Mardi Gras.

The cabin upgrade is the result of a partnership of family businesses, one owned by the O’Haras in McGregor, Texas, the other by the Berberians of Golânia, Brazil. The interior design is created at Interiors by Brazil in McGregor. The cabinetry and upholstery are done by Quick Aviacão in Golânia, Brazil, then shipped to McGregor for installation.

The basic cabin makeover includes replacement of all existing paneling, from just below the window and up, with a seamless composite shell covered in noise-absorbing foam and faux leather.

A new lower panel of composite material integrates a molded armrest ledge and houses an inlaid Brazilian hardwood veneer table. The composite lower panels are lined with noise-absorbing foam and covered with Brazilian leather. Seats are stripped, outfitted with injection-molded foam and covered in Brazilian leather. Leather paneling also encloses the under-seat area and is standard in the cockpit. The cockpit seats are covered in sheepskin.

All the existing cabinetry is repaired and refurbished with Brazilian hardwood veneer. A custom-cut carpet replacement rounds out the refurbishment project.

The left-side aft seat covers the toilet, and a privacy curtain can be drawn to separate it and the right-side aft seat from the rest of the cabin. The configuration allows for a maximum of six passengers. The make-over price starts at $89,000.
For customers who want to take the King Air cabin experience to a new level, there are more than just a few options, among them:

• a window upgrade includes a new window box with enclosed shade;

• an FAA-approved side-facing wrap-around seat by AvFab of Clinton, Mo.;

• under-seat storage drawers, one of which can be lined with aluminum to serve as a storage area for hot or cold food/drinks;

• up-wash LED cabin lighting package that includes adjustments for mood lighting;

• metal re-plating;

• and three entertainment packages–silver, gold and platinum.

The platinum entertainment package includes a dual CD/DVD/ MP3 player, seven-inch monitors in two of the seats and a 15-inch monitor on the bulkhead, moving-map display from Flight Display Systems, four Sennheiser wireless headsets, and a high-resolution glareshield camera so the folks in the back can look ahead.

According to Interiors by Brazil’s international marketing and research director, Jennifer Smith, design of a King Air 200 interior is complete and installations will begin in January 2008. The standard and optional items are similar, and the cost starts at $99,000.

Smith said the company prefers that customers bring their King Airs to Texas, where shop space is available at McGregor Executive Airport or Waco Regional Airport. “We’d rather they come here,” said Smith, “but we’re flexible.”

With more than 1,600 King Air 90s still in service, Interiors by Brazil sees a good market for the company’s new cabin.