NetJets Pilots Raising the Bar Yet Again

 - November 27, 2007, 11:36 AM

The NetJets Aviation (NJA) pilots, represented by IBT Local 1108, are currently voting on an “interest-based bargaining” proposal that was struck between management and pilot representatives last month. While the fractional pilots’ contract was not up for renewal, the two sides came together to forge the five-year contract proposal “in the best interests of both parties.” Highlights include 100 crew bases versus the current five domicile cities; more schedule options, including a 15-day flex schedule and an 18-day fixed schedule option; pay increases, with the largest ones going to new hires; elimination of aircraft-class-based pay; and simplified scheduling rules. NetJets has the option to extend the contract by three years if NJA gets 85 percent of all international flying, meaning integration of non-unionized NetJets International with NJA; maintains the same level of health care at no cost to pilots; opens 10 additional crew bases; and adds cost-of-living adjustments to pay tables each year of the extension. If ratified as expected next Friday, the contract will make NetJets pilots the best-paid pilot group in the fractional aircraft industry.