Out With the Old, In With the New

 - November 30, 2007, 10:33 AM

Elliott Aviation recently completed its first transformation of a Hawker 700A cabin
into an 800XP equivalent. This project, and subsequent 700A cabin upgrades, is built around a new or rebuilt and refitted cabin shell that is more like that of the 800XP. From there, the cabin can be reconfigured and certain components, such as seats, metal fittings and some cabinetry, can be retained for refurbishment. The first 700A to undergo upgrade received a major facelift that included replacing the old solid plywood galley cabinetry with lightweight composites and veneer, a new Aerostone countertop, a small refrigerator, a microwave oven, coffee maker and additional storage drawers. Also new was LED lighting throughout the cabin, an AirCell St-311 Iridium flight phone, an entertainment package with RosenView LX, dual 15-inch Rosen monitors, DVD/CD players, and docking stations for an iPod, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation.