Sharp details offers Xzilon for aircraft cleaning

 - December 6, 2007, 7:39 AM

Sharp Details now offers Granitize Aviation International’s new product, Xzilon (pronounced zy-lon), an aircraft exterior high-solids formula corrosion inhibitor, on all of its aircraft cleaning and detailing work. Sharp Details provides full-service aircraft cleaning and support services, including aircraft washing, bright work polishing, waxing, interior cleaning, facility services and full-time, in-house contract employees.

“Xzilon offers both aesthetic and practical advantages,” said Sharp Details president and CEO Jim Garland. “It is a proprietary product that uses molecular adhesion to [cut] drag and extend paint life on polished and unpolished bare metal surfaces. Additionally, it enhances corrosion protection–the number one maintenance concern of any operator.”

Xzilon forms a protective barrier on metal and painted surfaces of an aircraft that protects the airframe from the elements, including severe air pollution and UV exposure (UV30 block) during high-altitude operations. It is resistant to aircraft chemicals, fluids and salt-water spray. It is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees F and contains no free silicone. The product is certified for use on Boeings and Gulfstreams.

The company has base airport operations throughout the Northeast, including Washington Dulles and Washington National in Virginia; Martin State and Andrews AFB in Maryland; Wilmington, Del.; Atlantic City N.J.; White Plains, N.Y.; and Oxford-Waterbury, Conn. The company also offers mobile service at Philadelphia International Airport, Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Baltimore Washington International, Manassas, Leesburg and other airports from Virginia to Connecticut.