Competitors Combine Forces in Tucson

 - December 7, 2007, 6:00 AM

In a city that already had two interior completion and refurbishment centers, one more might have been one too many. But rather than fight for every job, the three facilities at Tucson International Airport– DunnAir Business Jet Completion, Evergreen Air Center and Hamilton Aerospace Technologies–have decided that a cooperative agreement would benefit all. The tipping point came late last year when DunnAir began operations as the new kid on the block in the 275,000-sq-ft hangar that previously housed Bombardier Aerospace.

The alliance allows each center to take advantage of its strengths and profit from the strengths of the others. Hamilton, for example, might take in an aircraft for heavy maintenance–an area in which it specializes–and have DunnAir do the interior refurbishment. Evergreen provides storage and maintenance but has no dedicated space to do exterior paint, so it can send the airplane to DunnAir, which has a large paint shop.

The agreement amounts to three facilities working together to provide a one-stop shop for owners and operators for everything from aircraft storage and heavy maintenance to interior completion, refurbishment and exterior paint. “There’s work enough for everybody, and everybody wins,” said DunnAir president Dale Dunn.